Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Piano Lesson

Today my piano teacher gave me a new assignment; to learn and play the composition Gymnopédie Nº1 by French composer Erik Satie, I fell in love with this piece after listen its first chords, I hope you too.


  1. That's a most famous song, played by many.

    Blood, Sweat and Tears used it on their 2nd album, the one after Al Kooper left.

  2. CM: Yes, you seem to know a lot of music, i can't remember having heard that tune before nor remember many from BS&T but You've made me so very happy.

  3. It´s the fist time I come to this blog, I like it a lot I feel quite identified.

    My piano teacher gave me to learn and play this composition some years ago too.

    I love it, it makes me feel so calm..

  4. Amarilis: Thank you very much for the kind words, you are welcome!