Monday, October 5, 2009

Funny Sunday Ride

Tired of the same bike rut I decided this Sunday morning to give a chance to the city, so I took the paved way to the streets 9 miles and 1,500 feet down. Two of the main avenues (Las Américas and La Reforma) are closed to traffic on Sundays, so people can walk, ride or just take their pets around. My first stop was at a delicatessen where my coffee is sold, there I met the former city mayor who gladly bought an Obscuro P11 can, then I did some rounds in a residential area where I found Miguelito, a friend who was training to the next marathon in Washington DC, after 1/2 mile chatting I left him and turned to the Av. Las Américas, there I found another pal; José with his kids who were strolling their dog, then before the streets began to get crowded I decided to get back all the way up taking some off road shortcuts that finally lead me safe home. After this journey I realized that Guatemala City is still an small town.


  1. \
    Wow! You have an extraordinary city.
    I had no idea it was so beautiful.

  2. I think the most beautiful is the climate, but for the rest I would say that it has the contrast any modern city has, poverty vs. luxury. However the people is very kind and friendly.

  3. Hey, I drink that h2o on your shirt ; ) Although there's more iron in it when you drink it in germany ; )

  4. HA, HA, HA, I am thinking in buying a plain black one and print it like the P11 can, so you could say the same :)