Friday, December 4, 2009

Why I Prefer French Press Coffee

Since coffee can be prepared in several ways, is a matter of preferences wich way you like the most. For me coffee is a social drink, the one you share with the ones you care (or in complete solitude) with enough time to relax, so thinking this way you need plenty of coffee (not an ounce). French press coffee maker let you customize your coffee to please your taste and also gives a good show for a few dollars, that make it my favorite for my everyday spare time.


  1. French Press is one of my favorites as well. Especially for a group. Any specific coffee you prefer on the French Press? My favorite on the French Press is probably a Kenyan AA

  2. D.E. Thank you for stopping by, I like drink coffee in a small cup (2 or 3 ounces), but served several times, this way I can focus in the taste and repeat the experience meanwhile I chat and share as well .
    As a Guatemalan coffee entrepreneur I have a strong bias toward the cleanish, complexity, acidness and powerful aroma of our SHB coffee :)