Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rodin at Buenos Aires

This "Thinker" of Auguste Rodin rest in front of the Parliament Building in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some folks and birds show indifference to its grandeur.


  1. I´ve seen it. It is kind of run down. It is a nice monument and maybe somebody should pay more attention and take care of it a bit. Anyways, I like that idea of "the thinker", in the midlle of downtown, thinking about buenos aires and its citizens. It is inspiring in a way. Last year when I travelled to Argentina, I had a buenos aires apartment near it and used to contemplate it for a long time. It made me feel relaxed.
    Anyways, I loved the country, I hope I will go back.

  2. Summer: When I was there I stayed in Hotel Dos Congresos, in the corner of Callao and the street that is in front of the park, I was there 15 days and walked around 15-25 km every day, just rode a taxi once. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city full of art and architecture, I had a photo show there and saw lots of galleries and museums. San Telmo was one of my favorite, I would fill a container of antiques there and bring them all to Guatemala. People were very nice and the food excellent, I would live there if I could.