Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Coffeehouses II

Antigua Guatemala have a lot of places (big and small) to drink a good coffee. Due to the large tourism industry and foreign investors you also find coffee tours around coffee plantations (fincas de café) that will let you immerse in the passionate world of coffee.


  1. Like I said, we need to get to a grower and tour ; )

    I'm amazed at the bulletin board and how tidy it looks.

    Here you most always have to move postings out of the way, as if you were walking through a jungle ; )

    Great shots and they all look clean and friendly!

  2. ps: I'll post a review over the weekend! I made an attempt a few days ago but it didn't show up and I tried to attach the video, 'cause it said you could do so with a link to it.

  3. A coffee tour is a must for any coffee lover.
    Fine! thank you.