Monday, June 29, 2009

Gourmet or Not Gourmet?

The time i spend jogging is at the same time for thinking, dreaming, imagining. While I am running usually everything appears more clearly or from a different stage. Yesterday I was thinking that when you achieve certain knowledge about preparing food or a drink with gourmet characteristics and then you want to excel it and to standardize all the procedures to make it through a production line, you maybe are missing something.

From my point of view no matter how delicious be your recipe it stops of being "real gourmet" if you control to perfection all the involved steps, because then it turns into a mass product. I start from the assumption that gourmet is something ideally refined in preparation and presentation with a great human touch, for the same reason not always will taste the same, similar, but not exactly the same, and that is the big difference, close to perfection or even perfect but not always.


  1. Sometimes, using the word "gourmet" is a detriment to a product.

    Sometimes, it isn't, even though it's called that ; (

    Having tried some that shouldn't have been called that anyway. But it does make the price go higher and seem as though it should be better.

    You can't judge a book by it's cover, or a label. ; )