Monday, June 22, 2009

New Café P11 Espresso Flavor!

We already have a brand new product. Our Espresso formula, a single origin complex coffee with a sharply strong taste, definitely a jump apart from everything that you may be use to know. This is the way we want to put Guatemala's well known bright and acidic coffee to the reach of the international espresso connoisseur. In one word, Aggressive!


  1. We love expresso and the packaging looks great too!

  2. Once summer and the heat is over I will again make a purchase. With the heat and no one home and coffee sitting in a hot truck all day, the result when it arrives is not very good this time of year.

    Look forward to it though ; )

  3. KraftXCore, thank you for visiting. :)

    CM, you right. Here is a good time for sipping coffee because the rains and cool weather.
    How do you brew P11?

  4. French Press of course, but would try your espresso blend in our espresso machine ; )

  5. Hmmmmm.... next time would be a good idea to test medium roast vs. Obscuro to notice the difference.