Friday, July 3, 2009

From Play to Art

At 8 or 9 years old my mom bought me a couple of toy cameras, although I "took" many snapshots with them, those never saw the light (at least in the proper manner). Later when I was a teenager or so I used to "borrow" real cameras from friends to shot my essays, among them a Pentax K1000, Canon AE1, Minolta X370 and Nikon F. In 1987 I bought my first real camera, a Minolta Maxxum 5000, then I sold it and got a Canon Rebel, then a Nikon F70, F90, F100 and now a D300, at the same time play turned into work and then into art. Since I was a kid photography has been a semper fi dream and companion for me.


  1. and how is the D300 working for you?
    im trying to get a camera these days, but confused

  2. Majed, thank you for visiting. D300 is fine for me but i would be happier with a D700 or a D3 but that only for professional issues. First thing you have to ask yourself is what kind of job do you need a camera for and how much money do you want to spend on it. Then if you already have had a camera maybe you have some preferences for some brand. With top of the line models you always will be safe. I would began searching for major brands cameras and reading the users reviews, that is very useful.

  3. Do you still have your toy cameras?

    They take pretty good pictures you know ; )

  4. Nope, but i bought an Holga some years ago. Photoshop have a plastic camera filter too in case you don't have a plastic one :)