Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Same World Different Languages

Although I have been in contact with many people out there along all those years is now when I've realized better how different we are. Selling coffee through the net have been so gratifying because I have learned so much and met many wonderful people. Also I have noticed how people from other places are engaged with their weather patterns, a big thrill since I live in a country where we have almost the same spring time all year round, so in that direction I did not expect any change at all, but out there is a different story. Here sometimes our quality time is most important than performance time - read: Consumption Anecdote by Heinrich Böll, in other countries their national political issues are above their individual way of thinking, or in some others just the act of think out loud is forbidden. But the big achievement that I've got with this exercise is to learn to think in a more universal way, taking apart my own world and letting the outside stars light my path. Thank you readers and friends for help me to learn.


  1. The title of this post drew me in and I had to read it

    good job

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  2. Thanks Jo, Bruna & Tomás thank you for joining. :)