Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Trip to...Part 6

The beneficio sometimes may sound as a large facility with cutting edge technology, in our case is like a small open barn with diesel operated machines, but the work that is made here is vital for producing quality coffee. Here the coffee fruit lose its pulp and through the entire process is selected by size and quality, in a matter of minutes the clean coffee beans drop in an small pool that is irrigated with warm water to accelerate fermentation. After this stage is completed in a couple of days, coffee beans will sun dry for a week at the patios. Then packed in sacks again and carried to the dry beneficio.


  1. Having never seen such nice close-ups, these have been fantastic ; )

    Not as nice as being there, but nice all the same.

    You must be using a very good camera ; )

    Thanks again for sharing. Cheers!