Monday, February 2, 2009

A Trip to... Part 4

There i meet David, the caporal of the finca, who is in charge of the picking up process. He showed to Juan Diego a sample of the berries just to be sure everything is ok, an everyday routine that ensure quality. Remember that not all berries are at its best stage at a given time, so these workers have to pass several times at the same fields of coffee in the next weeks until the last bean have been picked up. As you have seen, the topography of this lands require a hard effort, that only you can achieve by hand, there is no place for machines here.
When they have filled up their sacks, a four wheel drive truck will come to carry the coffee to the beneficio, a facility where the coffee berries are processed taking all its pulp away and leaving only the clean beans...


  1. Hola pisper ya vio la foto

  2. que bonito este lugar....cuando pueda recuerde que tengo la kawa de 4 ruedas y los puedo acompañar (chinito)

  3. Chinito, this is an amazing place for coffee enthusiasts and a magnificent proof that Guatemala have beautiful spots. Next time i visit this farms i will mail you. :)

  4. i will be waiting for that day
    see you

  5. Beautiful.....I wish I were there to see in person.

    Do they lay out on the ground to dry here or no?

    If it isn't to obtrusive, will you be showing the rest of what is done before the beans are bagged and shipped????

    Thanks.......Meyamo Miguel ; )

  6. No problem, i will show the rest of the process
    in forthcoming issues. I am planning a visit to the roaster too, so mike, be patient. :)