Friday, January 30, 2009

A Trip to... Part 3

Riding a Honda Rincon four wheel motorbike through a narrow road up and down the mountain, Juan Diego showed me the different areas where the coffee trees are planted, we saw skillful workers picking up only the beans that have reached its best stage and gather them in sacks. I have to tell that living in this lands is like to live in heaven, here you don't think in wars nor global economy shrinks, your mind is busy in simpler things, like hearing the wind blowing the leaves or a distant songbird sing...


  1. Although these are all fascinating pictures, the top one is extra special, Nice shot!

    Those berries in your hand look nice.

    Do you plan or will they let you take some pictures of people picking, laying out to dry and everything else too?

    Nice to see it all first hand and Guatemala looks beautiful!


  2. Yes, you will find all the process in the next days. The berries you see, actually show the difference between Maracaturra(Caturra/Maragogype) and a Bourbon. The San Guayaba farm crop is all Maracaturra, this beans are almost double size of the others. Have you noted the topography?
    See you soon!

  3. ALL the Pictures are very awesome....y los paisajes son muy hermasos....

  4. Gracias Miguel, please come back often for more.