Friday, January 9, 2009

Holiday Gift Coffees 2008

Recently we were invited by Coffee Review to a selection of Holiday Gift Coffees, we did it good. Here an excerpt of the full article.

"Our goal was to turn up coffees that might make good gifts or special holiday indulgences for coffee enthusiasts. We cupped about 60 samples. Most were impressive and many rated 90 or higher. We made our final review selection not simply on the basis of high rating, but also with the aim of pointing our readers at a wide range of gift- and splurge-worthy coffee types and possibilities..."
Coffee Review

Read full article:


  1. Impressive.

    Yet another coffee to work my way to.

    mil gracias

  2. Gracias Settima, you are welcome!

  3. Hello and Thanks for looking at my blog and leaving a comment.

    It will be another week before I get my computer back.

    Do you then grow your own coffee? Do you have photos of your growing area?

    Will link up on the blog next week. Cheers!

  4. Thank you for your reply, i do not grow my own coffee, i buy the best beans from Guatemala Cup of Excellence winners,
    Read more at:
    Then make my own blend (the best that i get with the coffee that i got), as you know, coffee change from crop to crop, and this is the only way i can be sure to offer a very superb drink, although it will change every year too, this is part of my plan.
    This month i will visit 2 of the farms from where i buy coffee, right at the beginning of the crop season. Soon i will post photos and info about them. See you next week.