Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lake Coatepeque (Inner Rim)

Due to Central America Independence holidays we went to Lake Coatepeque in El Salvador to spend some nice time at the house of my brother in law. Tuesday morning we took our bikes and went to a ride around the lake, the trip took around three hours, 23.5 km, one hard fall and a flat tire (both courtesy by my in law), but the beautiful vistas paid for all. Photo numbers are from top to bottom. See also Lake Coatepeque Outer Rim


  1. As always, gorgeous photography! The lake appears to be a former volcanic caldera which filled with water; is this the case?

    The scenery looks like it was well worth your journey.

  2. Yes, it was a caldera. We (my in law and me) have ridden our bikes several times at the bottom road (next to the shore) and by the upper road (not depicted) that goes at the rim of the mountain, it has spectacular sights.