Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Walking in The Clouds, Part 1

Finca Florencia is a coffee farm winner in the top 23 Cup of Excellence 2009 contest. We visited the plantation since Arturo -the owner of the company where I roast my P11 coffee- bought that winning lot. Finca Florencia is very near from Guatemala City (20 miles East) and is nestled above 4,500 feet overlooking Lake Amatitlán, this farm has been in the coffee business for six generations and the first coffee plant was planted in the early 1,800s. The entire coffee plantation is shade grown as almost every farm in Guatemala, thus you also watch a lot of birds over this place.


  1. Maybe we should start playing the lottery so we can pay a visit.

    It's such a beautiful country!


  2. Come on CM! start today. Thanks for visiting.