Thursday, March 5, 2009

Designing Coffee, Part 3

Cupping is a matter of sense (what is in the cup), feeling (what you like and what you don't) and memory (you have to remember what is in each cup). Cupping for designing a new formula is another story, here we are not just judging for what it is, but for what we want to achieve as well.


  1. Yes, a palette is helpful. Some people just can't tell the minute difference in flavors in a lot of drink/food items.

    Maybe too it's an acquisition that is learned in time through training.

    I've just started a novel : The Various Flavors Of Coffee. It's a good read.

    I'm trying to find a south american novel written in the 1800s about someone who lived on a coffee plantation and the experience of the people who did the work. It is in english also (helpful for me). Hope I can find out who wrote it.

  2. let me check with my advisors.

  3. Try "María" from the Colombian Jorge Isaacs

  4. I'll look into that. But I think it was called "The Pond" but from here, I had seen it once but forgot to write the author down.

    I'm still looking but will also research this book you've mentioned. Thanks & Cheers!