Thursday, March 26, 2009

Water Pistol

From the Extreme Objects series, this water pistol is one of my latest bronze sculptures, its dark patina is chosen to resemble a real gun.
This work pretend open up points of view against violence, here i copy
an excerpt from Should Children Be Given Toy Guns? by Philippa Rowlands.

"Parental Guidance:
The toy is only part of the problem. The other aspect is the failure of parents to educate their children in the negative aspects of guns. Children are open to the “hero worship” of guns and the power they posses. Children are observing their world all the time looking to see what works and what doesn’t. What they sadly see is in many aspects of the media is that violence works. Violence is power. More and more often this violence is no longer stylized and children are more likely to look at the violent solutions they see as a “real” alternative. Parents need to stand up and educate their children from a very young age. If children are going to be allowed to have toy guns and watch violence on television then they need to have parental input, explanations, discussions and a strong understanding that that violence is not an answer and that real violence cannot be retracted. A child can “come back alive” from a toy gunfight, but a real gun or any other violence cannot be undone. Too many parents believe that this concept is somehow inbuilt into their children. This is not so. A child often needs to be taught the difference between imagination and reality especially when they are very young."


  1. Funny, I have pictures when I was a kid and we always played with rifles and stuff.

    I am not violent at all, although I do enjoy the three stooges still and never bonked anyone in the eyeballs either ; )

  2. I try to make people react, i don't do art just for decoration although people prefer easy digesting art.